Update from The Techy Teacher

So, it’s been a long while since I have written and posted anything, but hopefully that will change soon. Last school year is a blur. I taught three sections (two Honors World Literature and one section of new class and curriculum I wrote for our freshmen–21st Century Technology). I was pregnant. I went on bed rest in early February. I had a baby almost three weeks early on February 20. I had horrible high blood pressure during most of my eight-week maternity leave.

Then, I was back at school for the last eight weeks of the school year and I was in complete survival mode trying to manage grading, prepping, and life with a newborn, almost two year old, and four and half year old while my husband worked 12-14 days.

But I survived. And I made the decision to not be full-time this year. I am JUST doing the director of instructional technology part of my job, and I am lucky enough to do part of it at home. With that said, I won’t be schizophrenic in my work trying to balance a lot of hats. I just get to work on one part of my job, which will directly relate to this website, so be on the lookout here for things I am also sharing with my faculty.

What do you have to look forward to? I plan on featuring some of my favorite new and old apps: PearDeck, Noodletools, Hstry.co., Google Classroom, and Glogster. I plan to share lesson ideas for these programs, and I’ll share tips and advice from some of my favorite lessons. A new feature will also be a parent piece…tips and advice on keeping your child safe. If you haven’t checked out Common Sense Media before, do so! It’s an amazing resource for both educators and parents.

So, I promise this isn’t a once in a year post. I’m back. For real. 🙂

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