In Denial: Goodbye, Summer

So I’m sure I am not alone in feeling this….the dread of the summer being over and the feeling of being overwhelmed about the new school year. While I don’t start new teacher for two and half more weeks, I know that some of my teacher friends are starting school this week and others don’t start until after Labor Day.

Either way, I came back from this scene on Friday:

And I’m not quite ready for school. Starting at a new school is like being a new teacher all over again.

I have syllabi to create, summer reading tests to plan, and lots of lots of reading to do so I can prep. I am totally finished with 2/3 of my summer reading books, and I’m hoping to finish the third tomorrow. But I have crammed in doctor’s appointments, have photos to edit and take for my photography business, and kids who I want to play with as we savor the last days of summer.

I’m definitely feeling the stress of being new. I wish I had an email address so I could get on Google Drive and knock out a few things like my beginning of the year student survey, but no e-mail means I can’t work…so life will just get really busy after August 16!

So, I’m curious. How many of you prep during the summer? Do any of you just put off work until you’re actually back at school? With three kids ages five and under, I find it can be challenging to find that right balance. It’s my first time back in the full-time teaching classroom with three littles, so let me know if you have any survival advice!


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