tutorialsDigital Storytelling 2016 versions

Digital Storytelling Overview & Teaching Benefits
Digital Storytelling Overview given to students
iMovie Tutorial
Creating a Storyboard
Using Garageband and Finding Your Soundtrack

Grammar Resources

English Department’s Grammar Sheet

Apple TV & Epson Projector


Homesharing with the Apple TV and your Laptop


Edublogs Tutorials for Teachers

Tutorial 1: Creating an Edublogs Website or Blog
Tutorial 2: Actually Creating the Website
Tutorial 3: How to Create a Blog Post, Add Images, and Categories/Tags
Tutorial 4: Creating a Class Using My Class
Tutorial 5: Setting up MyClass for managing Student Blogs
Tutorial 6: Privacy Settings in Class Blogs

NoodleTools Tutorials


What is Noodletools?
Noodletools Quick Guide for Teachers & Librarians
Noodletools Quick Guide for Students
Other Important Tutorials



Tutorial 1: Creating a NoodleTools Account (for both students and teachers)
Tutorial 2: Creating Projects (Students)
Tutorial 3: Citing Sources in Noodletools
Tutorial 4: Managing and Accessing Student Work (Teachers)
NoodleTools’ Blog
NoodleTools’ Teacher Resources

NoodleTools Overview Video

Socrative Tutorials

Socrative User Guide


PCR for New Teachers

Word Clouds

Wordle Word Cloud Creation Tutorial

Social Bookmarking Sites

Protopage Tutorial
Diigo Tutorial
Diigo PPT: How to Use Diigo and How Educators Are Using Diigo

Flubaroo & Google Forms

Creating a Quiz with Google Forms for Flubaroo
Flubaroo: Google Application  that AUTOMATICALLY GRADES any test or quiz given via Google Forms

Graphic Organizers and Mind Maps

Tutorial for Popplet (Mind Map/Web Organizer)

Google/Google Classroom

Google Classroom Presentation/Overview
Detailed Google Classroom Tutorial
Tips and Tricks by Google

Google Tips and Tricks Part 1

Digital Storytelling and Video Creation

Digital Storytelling Overview
Digital Storytelling How To and Lesson Planning Resources
Kathy Schrock’s Digital Storytelling Resources
Science Resources for Video Creation
Sample Assignment

Sample Digital Stories

Exam and Test Review

Teresa’s Presentation
Google Slides Jeopardy Template  (be sure to make a copy of it so you don’t change the template!)
Directions for Creating PPT Jeopardy from Elizabeth
Blank Jeopardy 1 (PPT)
Blank Jeopardy 2 (PPT)
Blank Jeopardy 3 (PPT)

Glogster EDU (Multimedia/Virtual Posters)

Overview by Teresa with links embedded
Glogster EDU Educator Resource Library
Glogster Tutorial 1
Glogster User Guide
Glogster Tutorial 2
Teaching Ideas for Glogster

MLA Resources

MLA Formatting Step-by-Step
MLA Style Checklist

Prezi Tutorials and Samples

Tutorial by Melissa Valentine with attached Samples
Byzantine Empire tutorial by Amanda


TED Overview

 More Great Tech Tools for Summer

Presentation here

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