A Cyberpilgrim’s Blog: Ideas for Blogging in the Religion Classroom

21st Century Resourcing in the Religious Education Classroom PDF

College class REL100 Syllabus: Blogging, Tweeting, and Deconstructing Religion
This syllabus and site offers some ideas for how college professors are using blogs and Twitter in a religion class.

Interesting post on re-thinking Religion Education

BBC’s Religion website features current events, tv and radio programs, a multifaith calendar, message boards, and podcasts. There is also an individual site for each religion.

HippoCampus has introductions to and detailed information about Hinduism, Buddhism, religions of the Far East, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Sacred Sites
Sacred sites are the most loved and visited places on planet earth. Since prehistoric times they have exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of pilgrims from every region and religion. These holy places have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and awaken the soul. Anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray spent twenty-five years as a wandering pilgrim to study and artistically photograph many hundreds of sacred sites in more than one hundred countries. This web site features Martin’s sacred art photographs and shows the location of sacred places and pilgrimage shrines around the world.

This site has articles, activities, glossary of theological terms, essential bible dictionary, and links.

This site provides the official organization of the Catholic hierarchy in the US. News, reviews, video, church documents, and current issues.

CatholicEdChat is a twitter chat. Topics focus on discussions around educational issues for Catholic Educators and topics beneficial to Catholic Schools. We look forward to continuing to connect Catholic Educators online to discuss education and teaching with faith in our schools. The chat takes place on Saturday mornings. Time 9am EST.

CatholicEdChat Community on Google Plus
A Growing Community of Faith and Learning.

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