free tech graphicThe Internet has a plethora of resources that you can use on any device to integrate technology in the classroom. Here are some of my favorite sites to use. As I learn about more resources that I think will be valuable to us, I’ll be adding them here. If you have any you think I should add and share with the rest of the faculty, please let me know! This is a resource for everyone, and check back often because I will be regularly adding more resources to this site.

Quizzes, Exit Tickets, and Polling Sites
Socrative (also has SmartPhone and tablet applications)

Word Clouds
101 Ways to Use Tagxedo

Bookmarking Sites
Diggo (recommended for collaborating, offers place for annotatoins)
Delicious (ability to put in annotations, too)
Protopage (great for personal bookmarks without annotation and as a reader for pulling blog content)
Pinterest (more visual, easy to find related content)
Educlipper (Pinterest for educators, has a class portal option for teachers)

Online Classsrooms/Secure Social Media
Google Classroom

Flashcard Creation Tools

Mind Maps
Popplet (also available on iPad)
Mindmeister (the basic level allows you to create three mindmaps for free, cost with others)

Dipity (best out there…can add YouTube videos and images)
Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline. Like most good web tools, Dipity has a collaboration option and has multiple options for sharing your timelines publicly or privately. Each entry to a Dipity timeline can include multiple types of media which allows users to add more detail and information than can be included in a traditional timeline. If you want to import Tweets and other social media messages, you can do that too on Dipity. Dipity will work on your iPad.

 is a timeline builder and map creation tool rolled into one nice package. On myHistro you can build a personal timeline or build a timeline about a theme or event in history. Each event that you place on your timeline can be geolocated using Google Maps. myHistro timelines can be created online or you can use the free iPad app to create events on your timeline. It also works with Edmodo.

This timeline is an online program that visualizes time on the broadest possible scale from the Big Bang to the present day. It was created by Professor Walter Alvarez and Roland Saekow and developed by the department of Earth and Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley in collaboration with Microsoft Research and Moscow State University.  ChronoZoom was inspired by the study of Big History, and it approaches the documentation and visualization of time and history in the same way that Google Earth deals with geography. It allows users to see the true scale of time over cosmic, geologic, biological and social periods. Students can see how their timelines fit in with larger historical events.

Podcasts, Audio, Video, and other Presentations

Public Domain Images
Creative Commons Search Engine

Public Domain Music
Free Music Archive
Last FM Free Music Creative Commons 
Sample Swap

Webquest Creation Sites

Wikispaces for Teachers
Google Docs also makes a great place to create a wiki.

Cool Tools for Schools (database of tech-based tools)

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