All World Languages

Article and Handout on Language Learning in the 21st Century Classroom

Cosmo Learning
A free educational video website for students and teachers. There are videos in every content area, including French and Spanish.

iEARN enables students and teachers to design and participate in global projects as part of their regular classroom and after-school programs. All projects align to education standards and use a safe and structured online Collaboration Centre.

Annenberg Learner
This site has a wealth of student interactives and modules for the arts, foreign language, literature and language, math, science, and social studies.

If It Were My Home
If it Were My is your gateway to understanding life outside your home. Use our country comparison tool to compare living conditions in your own country to those of another. Start by selecting a region to compare on the map to the right, and begin your exploration.

Search for resources by grade level and subject…really great, creative ideas submitted by actual teachers for use by other teachers.

Smithsonian Seriously Amazing
The Smithsonian asks and answers questions about science, art, history and culture, exciting the learning in everyone, every day. Visit Seriously Amazing to learn something new! This site can be adapted easily to add lessons for the World Language classroom.

Newspaper Map
Newspaper Map gives you instant access to online newspapers around the world. You can choose location/language.

Online Pedagogy Workshop for Teaching World Languages

A great list of Open Source resources for World Language Teachers

Merlot World Language Portal
This site is an educational resource for teaching and learning languages. You are invited to join and contribute to this growing learning community by using the online materials and submitting your own modules for inclusion in the collection. You will find a wide variety of materials for use online and in the classroom.

Discussion Thread on Edutopia about Using Technology in the World Language Classroom

Creative Language Classroom Blog
This site has great lesson ideas and tips for integrating technology in the Foreign Language classroom.

Explanations on how blogging relates to Foreign Language standards

Journal article on using Blogs in the Foreign Language Classroom

Ideas for Integrating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Article on Digital Storytelling in the Foreign Language Classroom


IB French Orals
While this site is geared toward students in IB program, it has a wealth of lesson ideas and activities for any French classroom.



TTEspañol is a daily news sites for teens and tweens. Each day it posts the most compelling, relevant and interesting news for kids aged 8-18. Stories are selected by teens and tweens working closely with professional journalists. Teens and tweens can comment on these stories.

IB Spanish
While this site is geared toward students in IB program, it has a wealth of lesson ideas and activities for any Spanish classroom.

Natalie St. Louis’s Recommended iPad Apps for Spanish Teachers